We believe that a strategic approach to this work will help change the culture of your organization.

This kind of approach helps us move past a cycle of "putting out fires" and into a movement based in lasting equity and change.

Our team will work with you to build a customized strategy that meets the unique needs of your organization. A strategy consists of three or more approaches that span over 6-12 months. Our team wants to work with you, not at you, in a way centers growth and accountability. Take a look at what we offer and use it as a starting point to think about what a strategy could be for your organization.
  • Educational Programs

    Our educational programs marry research-based content with the art of story-telling to maximize on the lived experiences of our team. We focus on delivering organization-specific content and collaborate with you to identify key learning points. Our team will work with you to host the a program in-person, virtually - or both.

  • Strategy Hours

    Strategy Hours allow for an in-depth organizational analysis via the use of an asset-based model. The number of hours varies based on the size, scope, and role of the organization. Hours may be used consecutively or split into multiple sessions over a period of time. During this time, the group will create a detailed plan that includes priorities, goals, and action items. Our Lead Strategist will work with you to identify accountability measures and key performance indicators to measure success. This approach is ideal for organizations that have a long-term investment and are seeking practical direction on how to move forward.

  • Small Group Coaching

    Our Coaching Program allows us to work with organization leaders through real-time issues and dynamics they want to address. Centered in both learning and reflection, our approach is rooted in a framework that can increase their ability to effectively work through similar situations in the future. This approach is especially helpful for organizational leaders seeking guidance on addressing problematic situations and jumpstarting change.

  • Culture Assessment

    Our Culture Assessment will help you get a pulse on the way your members view and think about diversity and inclusion. Our team distributes the assessment to your intended audience in accordance with the NPC Unanimous Agreements. We will analyze the data and provide you with a summary that outlines key findings. The assessment is meant to drive direction for future development in the areas of equity, access, and belonging.


    PRIMERS are short, self-guided online courses that are meant to ‘prime’ a learner on a specific topic. Each Primer is focused on a specific topic and is designed to be completed in 20 minutes or less. Primers are housed on this site and are meant to reach a wider audience.

  • Snack n' Chats

    Snack N’ Chats are hour-long sessions meant to connect key concepts by way of small group discussion and reflection. We will work with you to choose a movie, podcast, or article and facilitate a discussion about it with members of the group. These sessions are helpful for groups of people who are in a stage of learning and exploration.