If your looking for a practical way to approach DEI work then these sessions are for YOU.

Each "9@9" session discusses nine different ways you can be engaging with a particular topic related to equity, access, and belonging. Think of it as a combination of a "how-to" session and an educational workshop. 

Our approach is rooted in promoting best practices and research-based on content through the art of story telling. During we session we will give participants ideas, walk through various implementation strategies, and discuss how to center good intention. 

The Details 

  • How long? Each session lasts between 75-90 minutes. 
  • Availability? We cap each session at 300 participants. 
  • Where? Virtually via Zoom
  • How often? We host these sessions on the first Tuesday of every month. 
  • Investment? $9.00 per session and roughly 90 minutes of your time. 

Here is what the participants had to say.