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We're not a typical speaking agency.
What makes us different?

  • Our Team

    Our team is one the most diverse in the industry...and we're not all speakers. We've got eight distinguished and talented team members who are committed to elevating the #beparallel movement.

  • Our Approach

    Our approach is *ours*. We've developed a unique approach that marries research with thought leadership. The way we approach this work is salient to fraternities and sororities, taking into consideration the multi-system, membership-based experience.

  • Our Business Model

    Our team is committed to practicing what we preach. We prioritize vendor relationships with BIPOC and women-owned businesses, and are committed to funneling financial resources back into our communities.

We have 5 principles that guide our work.

We believe...

  • In balancing learning with unlearning.

  • Numbers follow; they do not lead.

  • People need to make meaning of this work for themselves.

  • The mode is just as important as the message.

  • In embracing a growth mindset.


Check out our new PRIMER on implicit bias geared towards Recruitment Counselors!

Here are some of the most recent organizations we've worked with.

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